• Re: Netrunner and CARRIER DROPPED in win32

    From Gregory Deyss@21:1/127 to Lupine Furmen on Mon Feb 3 18:16:20 2020

    Netrunner is a terminal program, not a door game. It's what I used before switching to SyncTERM.
    I too switched to SyncTERM also fulltime, I used to use Netrunner, but I
    would find that I would be responding to a fidonet message some of them were quite large in the length and in scope, then all of a sudden I would experienced that the keyboard would lock up, nothing I could do but try to wait until it cleared up, (of which never occurred ever) Just me with the wishful thinking, because of the length of the message. Then I would have to start
    all over again.
    This was so incredibly frustrating which led me to look for a replacement.

    I found SyncTERM by visiting the Telnet BBS list, I have been using SyncTERM ever since and have not had any problem at all. It's so nice to hammer out a message and be able to have the ability to complete my thought and
    successfully safe it, although I drive certain people with opposite views within the echo crazy.

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